Monday, December 21, 2009

WoW Update

Hello all you WoW geeks out there. It's time for another WoW update.

First up is what I'd consider the "Most Improved" category.

Behold: Level 63 AlphaPrimus

Those reindeer looking things on his back are his experience enhancing heirloom items...not exactly the best fashion statement, but 10% more exp is 10 % more exp. Leveling him with my wife's warrior was sometimes difficult. I went enhancement spec, and it's been a long hard grind, but after some research I finally got a good rotation down, and figured out what he needs for gear. He's actually alot of fun to play with now, and I hope to get him to 80 by march or april.

Also greatly improved is my hunter Glarion:

As you can see, he's gotten some much cooler gear (those are his heirloom shoulders.) Behind him you'll see his new pet. It's a worg (wolf) named Scoobysnacks. Once he got some decent gear and the right pet he worked out pretty good. He's on the back burner at the moment, but I'll have him to 80 by May I'm sure.

Soveiliss is level 60 now too:

I'm very happy with how my Shadow Priest has turned out. He's great fun to play and he never really dies anymore. With how hard I struggled to build him through the early levels, it really is satisfying to see him come into his own. I may switch him to the Horde side, but Shadow Priest damage got a huge boost last patch and our guild doesn't actually have one. His future is slightly uncertain, but come February he'll be in the 80 raids

The next character to hit 80 will be RhokkFallen, my Death knight. He'll be 80 before New Years!

The blood/perma Ghoul spec I chose for my DK is working VERY well, and I'm having great fun wacking the crap out of stuff. My DPS is tops in all the dungeons i'm run so far, so it looks like I"m doing pretty good. Only 9 more levels!

And of course my Main character, Rhokk:

He's now the premier Druid tank of the Hour of Chaos guild. I also now hold the rank of Captain, which is one rank below a guild running first officer. I've run literally hundreds of dungeons with him gearing him up since I've hit 80, and I have him at a pretty good level. He holds threat like nobody's business, and I'm impressing the people I run with left and right. I'm not the best tank in the guild yet, but I'm among the best.

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