Monday, December 21, 2009

Add a little geek to your life: The Hat

So my aunt's got me a gift card to for my birthday. I've ordered a few things from them, and have thoroughly enjoy most of my purchases. However, what I recently bought is by far my favorite. I am now the proud owner of the Indiana Jones Hat!
I love the first three Indiana Jones movies. The fourth we shall not speak of, but the first three were masterpieces as far as I'm concerned. This is an exact replica of the "Hero Hat", or the hat that they used for close ups. The profile of Indiana Jones is the stuff of legends and seeing my own profile while in the hat gave me just a little "yay" moment, and those little moments are what life is all about right.

As for the hat itself, it fits really well. As I wear it more and more, it seems to be molding itself to my head. I've never really had a "nice" hat before so feeling this happen was quite a pleasant surprise. At first I was going to get the hat for display only purposes, but after wearing it into work one day just for a hoot I decided to wear it out all the time. I got genuine comments that the hat looked good, and not one jeer or taunt. I've worn it to a bunch of different venues since, and while it does get noticed sometimes, no one has mocked it at all. I just think it looks so cool, and surprisingly according to most it flatters me. Heck, it even makes playing World of Warcraft look cool.

So that's how I added a little geek to my life this holiday season. What did you guys do?

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