Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weekend of WoW

This was originally posted on "The World through my eyes", my personal blog on november 2nd of this past year. I've included it here because I intend to document my World of Warcraft progress on this blog.

So, this weekend I finally achieve lvl 80 after 7 weeks of playing WoW. The above pic is the screenshot that I took at the exact moment I hit 80. It's been a long journey, and the last 20 levels were very long. I learned a lot about the game though, and I'm ready to enjoy my new post-80 endgame content for a while.

Before I do that though, I'd like to introduce all my blog readers to my WoW characters. Each one is based off of a Dungeons and Dragons character that i made at some point, and I'd like to share them with you. The first is the char that I just got to 80...Rhokk.

This was Rhokk at about lvl 10, notice his mostly pajama clad self. As you see, he didn't start life named Rhokk. At this point he was named Tankkor. I figured it would be a fun name for a Tanking (Boss distracting player position in Raids) druid. However when I joined my guild, the word Tank kept being use in chat. Stuff like "Who's Tanking, you're tanking, I'm tanking, That tank was horrible" etc etc. This became very confusing for me as you can imagine, so I renamed the char to Rhokk, cause as a tank he'd be "Like a Rock"...yeah it's corny, but I like corn. So why did I choose a druid as my main character? Well, I've always been drawn towards the shapeshifting aspect of the supernatural. Werewolves and such have always been my favorite over vampires and demons. Plus, having not known the game, a Druid is a hybrid class that is viable in all three roles that you can be in the game.

Tank: You draw the enemy to you, and can take alot of dmg
DPS or Damage per second: Whether Melee or Ranged, these types of chars assault the enemies that the tank attracts. They actually do the killing, but if the tank wasn't there they wouldn't survive.
Heals: These characters (mostly priests and restoration druids) heal the rest of the raid party, generally focusing on the tank. Also they bring people back to life should someone die.
Since I didn't know what I wanted to be, I figured picking a class that could do anything was a good idea. Eventually I decided to be a duel spec Tank/Heals. This means that with a quick change of gear, and a switching of my abilities I can go from a tanking bear form:

To a tree of life healer (looks like a weird little ent), and heal a raid. These are the two most requested specs cause there are literally dozens of different DPS combinations across all the classes. So DPS are easy to find, but every group needs a good Tank or a good healer.
This is Rhokk at lvl 80

Slightly more impressive...wouldn't you say.

My other characters are still in the works, but they will all be 80 before I'm finished with this game.

Soveiliss is my priest. While I was waiting to play Rhokk with my cousin, I started a second character. Now I didn't know it at the time, but the priest is the hardest class in the game to level solo. Mainly because the only protection they have from monsters is the shield that he's casting in the picture. It absorbs a certain amount of damage. When it falls, your enemy better be dead or the shield recast within 2 seconds or your cloth (lowest grade of armor) only wearing priest is toast (died so many times with him). Sov is a shadow priest just like he was in DnD. Somehow it tickles me to see a character that is suppose to be all holy and good using "evil" shadow spells. While Sov may be a Holy (heal specced) priest one day, shadow is really the only way to lvl a priest solo, since the Discipline and Holy trees don't provide enough damage to lvl effectively. Sov is currently lvl 44, and will be lvl 60 by the end of this month.

This is AgnosticPally or AP for short casting Consecrate on the ground around him(looks neat huh). It's a name I used in Diablo2 a while back, and it always got a reaction from people. I just love the contradiction of a paladin getting his power from an entity he's not sure of. Just funny to me I guess, :). AP is a Retribution paladin, currently the strongest DPS spec in the game. Paladin's in general are the strongest class in the game right now. They are great tanks, strongest DPS, and can heal too. Everybody is waiting for Blizzard to nerf (weaken) them a bit to bring the other classes back into balance with the pallys, but in the meantime pallys rule! i only level AP with my best friend Darque. So he's leveling slower then my other Chars. He's currently 35, and I predict 60 by feb, and 80 sometime next summer perhaps.

This is Glarion my Hunter. A hunter is a Ranged DPS class, and the only class in the game that uses a Bow or Gun. Another cool aspect of the class is that you can tame pets. In the pic is my pet bear "Smoky" (Honestly, what else would you name a bear). Since I'm a ranged class, I don't want the enemies to come close to me, and Smoky fulfills the "Tank" role to distract the enemies while I mow them down with my bow. I plan on getting a Cat or a Wolf to switch out to while I'm questing with my Pally friend from work to up my damage while the paladin tanks. I plan to level him to 60 by December, and probably 80 in Jan or Feb. He is a very fun class to play, and will be my ranged DPS lvl 80 for sure.

This is my lvl 1 Warlock SkeletorOmega. The name stems from the He-man villian skeletor which is the first thing that comes to mind when I think evil spellcaster. He will be leveling with my wife's priest when she makes her in December.

This is my Shaman AlphaPrimus. He's a lvl 1 right now, and will be healing my wife's warrior in december. I chose a Shaman, because it is the secondary hybrid class in the game and could adapt to compliment whatever class my wife picked. He'll be leveling quickly through December, and be 80 probably by the end of Feb.

Shh...be very very quiet. if you look closely you can see Scosh, my gnome Rogue. He's currently lvl 9, and is teamed up with my friend from work's Warlock. Rogue's are good dmg dealers cause they can Stealth (the transparent ability you see in the photo) behind the enemies and backstab them. Scosh got his name because when I created him in Dungeons and Dragons he grew up in the circus. he always wanted to be the strongman, but his mom always said that he was just a scosh too small. The nickname stuck. So when I made a gnome Rogue in WoW, I couldn't think of a better name then to let Scosh live again, :)

Finally we come to my next Solo project. When I'm not running with my friends, my wife, or gearing up my 80, I'll be leveling my Death Knight RhokkFallen. He's basically a what if scenario of what if Rhokk wasn't a noble druid and instead turned evil and served the Lich King. Death Knights were really overpowered when they first arrived on the scene with the "Wrath of the Lich King" expansion, but have been nerfed back into balance in recent patches to the game. Their rune enchants (the glowing aura around my sword) look awesome onscreen, and so do the acrobatic moves they pull off. I thing the class if just fun to play, and he'll be my next lvl 80 project. He's lvl 57 now, and I hope to have him to 60 by the end of the week.

I'm sure the appeal of the class has nothing to do with the fact that mounted he looks like a Dark Rider from Lord of the rings, lol

So while I reached my goal of getting to lvl 80 you'd think I's want to pull one of these:

But I have a lot more work(fun) to do in WoW, and I'm sure it'll be a blast.

Till next time!

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